Sunday, December 24, 2006

Two thrums plyed

HA! Does that title lead you to expect some Native American content? No, just more Fresno spinning content. :) As you read a few entries ago, I'm not very excited over the bland blue thrums I spun up. (If you have not been reading long, "thrums" is the name of a roving with bits of this and that produced by Spinderella) Remembering some dark purple thrums I puchased 2nd hand a few years ago from Tan Summers, I went on a treasure hunt Friday night. Found it and proceeded to spin a few yards yesterday.

Looks pretty, huh? Well, it had been stored wound into bumps stuffed into a plastic bag, then wedged into a Sterlite storage bin in the wool room for a couple of years. The roving was compacted, lumpy (I suspect the lumpiness was not caused by storage) and pretty dry. Much to my dismay, the pretty spots of color were from what looked a lot like dyed NEPS! Indeed, I don't recall seeing such neppy roving before. I'm afraid most of my color in this yarn will fall off, as neps are wont to do. :( I plyed it with some of the bland blue and this afternoon the yarn was dry and ready to photograph.

I think I like this two-color yarn a lot better than the bland blues, so I'm gonna spin up more of both batches of thrums. The dark thrums are now unbound on the bathroom floor, enjoying a steam sauna. I'm hoping that a bit of rehydration will make them more pleasurable to spin. While the dark thrums are steaming, I guess I'll spin up another bobbin of the bland blues.

Not much going on today - I have to cook for the dog this weekend, so I have rice steaming. I've read 3 books by one of my favorite authors this weekend - Phillip R. Craig. He writes lovely mysteries set in Martha's Vineyard. I think these 3 are the very first 3 in the series, and I've already gotten all the rest from the library, so I will have to find a new author to stock up on when I return these next week. Interested? Start with "A Beautiful Place to Die," then "The Woman Who Walked into the Sea." Just go on from there.

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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Hi Sande! I'm really enjoying your blog! I'm glad you finally started one! I've an author to recommend to you - Miriam Grace Monfredo. It is a whole series of about a dozen historical mysteries set just prior to the Civil War. While it is fiction, the real-life characters/events are factual. It is a wonderful mystery series...just start with volume one and then roll on! Each builds on the previous one.