Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What, again??

So, what did I do last night after I got home and finished dinner? Did I sit down with my beloved PR2 and work on the edging? Nah.... I decided it was too large to schlep back and forth to work and that I needed another smaller project. heh. I wanted to try the next shoulder shawl from VLT - the cherry leaf shawl. I dug around in my weaving yarns for something variegated and came up with this lovely rayon/silk slub (that I have two big cones of!) and started right in. Well, sadly my eyes were just not up to reading the tiny chart in the book and I messed up right away. Made a copy of the pattern and tried writing in stitch counts so I wouldn't get lost. Didn't work. Phooey - I wanted to watch this movie and get started on the new shawl. After about 45 mins of frustration I gave up, ripped back to nothing and started another Syrian shoulder shawl.
I have had a few minutes to work on it this morning at work and got a few rows done. I borrowed one of the cameras here and took a couple of shots, one against a light background and one against a dark background, hoping one of them would show the colors correctly.
Under the office fluorescents, the bottom photo looks closer, but I don't know about in natural light. We have rain today, so it's grey and ugly outside. Bummer. Anyway, I just knew you all would be thrilled to see more pix, right? {G}


Kat said...

Pretty yarn! I think you're going to be happier with the Syrian pattern using that yarn, though--the Cherry Leaf (IMNSHO) needs a less variegated yarn. It's going to be stunning!

NancyMaria said...

I am very surprised how nice the pattern is with your variegated yarn. Very, very nice, indeed!

Debi said...

Sande - re: movie meme: Just cut and past the list, put it on a "new post", delete the X's you haven't seen, add X's and bold what you want. HTH!